Maggie's Buns Sample Menu 
Catering pricing is based on choices. Please give us a call for help creating a package that works for you.


Served with Homemade Toast

Greek Goddess
Feta, spinach, tomatoes, chicken and olives.
Ham, cream cheese, avocado, shrooms and tomatoes.
Bacon, ham and sausage with tomatoes, shrooms, peppers and three cheeses.
All the veggies in the house with three cheeses.

Build Your Own

You choose the ingredients.
Benedictine Delights
Served on a Bagel

Valley Girl
Tomatoes, poached eggs, turkey, avocado and our special sauce.

Boring Bene
Ham, poached eggs and sauce

Tomatoes,mushrooms, spinach,eggs and sauce

Salmon Bene
Salmon, capers,eggs and special sauce

Victor’s Favorites
Served with Homemade Toast

Spanish Inquisition
Baby reds topped with salsa, eggs and cheese. 

Veggie Scramble
Potatoes, veggies, eggs and three cheeses

Chicken Sausage skillet
Chicken peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs and cheese.

Maggie’s Joe
Sausage, spinach, onion, eggs and parmesan.


Build Your Own

You choose the ingredients.
Dumpster Madness
Potatoes, sausage, ham, bacon, peppers, tomato, shrooms

Breakfast Burrito
Served with salsa and cheese
All the veggies in the house plus potatoes, salsa and cheese.


The Classics

Good Ole Bacon and Eggs
four pieces of bacon, three eggs cooked any style, baby reds and toast
Bowl of Oats
served with blueberries, brown sugar and walnuts served with toast.
French Toasty Buns
Our cinnamon rolls dipped in egg and fried!


At Maggie’s Buns our lunch menu changes daily.
A few of the items that you might see include the following.

Pesto Casanova
Pesto, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and Parmesan in a creamy sauce.V

Chicken Piccata

Lightly breaded cutlets of chicken sauteed with lemons, wine and capers.  Very fresh and light.

Mango chicken with coconut rice

Tender pieces of chicken breaded in panko and jerk spices served in a tangy mango sauce over coconut rice.

Chicken Parmesan

Italian breaded cutlets of chicken baked and smothered in marinara and served over egg noodles

Bacon Mac and Cheese
7 different cheeses, a little kick of hot sauce and fried croutons on top. This beautiful mess will get you through any hardship.

Lunch Entree

Entrée Salad

Side Salad  
Trio of Salads  
1/2 Sandwich with chips
Whole Sandwich
Try it with soup or salad
Try it with soup or salad
Entrée Ala Carte
Cup of Soup
Served with or without salad
Bowl of Soup
Served with or without salad

Baked Goods:

Slice of Pie  
Oaty Fudge Bars  
Lemon Bar Bliss Bar  

Banana Bread

White/Wheat Bread
Day Old Pastry

Special Desserts

UFO Cake  
Dozen Cookies
Mini Buns special order  
Served in 9", 12", and 18" sizes
Brownies by the Pan  
Whole Quiche  

Just a Few of Our Beverages

Tea All Sizes  
Whole Air Pot with Cups  
Half pot (catering size)  
Whole Pot Chai  
Whole Pot Hot Choco  
Ask us about our soda pops

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